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Homeless Cats Available for Adoption

This year, a few homeless cats found their way into our barn. The barn provided them with good shelter and was full of yummy food. Unfortunately, Apollo – our resident cat – is getting old and tired, and only tolerates foster kittens in his barn. After plenty of fighting, we were finally able to trap two adult cats, Thumpkin and Blaze. Both were named after pumpkins to fit this year’s foster theme. Both cats tested negative for FIV and have been fully vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered. They are now ready to find their forever home.


Thumpkin is a beautiful, long-haired male tabby. He is a very sweet and shy cat. He loves to be pet, and wants all the attention. He still does not like to be picked up, but we believe he would jump up on a couch and sit next to you for snuggles. He loved the kittens and was an amazing foster dad to them this year. We would love to keep him on the farm, but with his long hair and Apollo, we do not think it’s the best fit for him to stay here.


Blaze is the sweetest short-haired tabby. He loves pets and to be held. He also loved the kittens. He would always reach out his paws through the cage for more pets when you tried to walk away. He will also roll over for belly rubs and loves to play. He too would be a great foster dad to future kittens, but with Apollo‘s territorial attitude, we do not think he should stay either.

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About our Kittens

Our kittens are rescues that have been found in barns, or abandoned. We have partnered with Dr. Todd at The Pet Pro ( to vaccinate, micro-chip, and spay/neuter all of our foster kittens.

Every Curtis Orchard kitten is micro-chipped. 


Cost for adoption is $125.00. This fee covers all vaccinations, micro-chipping, spay/neuter, care, etc.

Kitten Adoption

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