Flying Monkey Café

Flying Monkey Cafe
Our Wizard of Oz theme finds its way to the café, which is named after those mischievous flying monkeys. Café Manager Debbie Graham and her staff serve delicious homemade lunches every day from late August through October. Mouth-watering favorites include her pulled pork, Italian beef, chili and delicious sides like cornbread, au gratin potatoes, green beans, and hot soup.

Reopening Saturday, August 26, 2017!

Café Hours

October 31-August 25

August 26-October 29
11 am – 2 pm weekdays
11 am – 4 pm weekends

Debbie with Big Cookie
Please note:
Because we offer meals here,
we do not allow non-Curtis Orchard food or drink to be brought in.


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2017 Menu

2017 cafe menu

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