Bakery Orders

Online orders are closed for the season. We will resume accepting online orders when we re-open in July. We do have limited quantities of frozen pies available for purchase. Contact us for more info.

Please note:

  • Orders may be placed online between July 19 – December 23 using this form, and must be placed at least 24 hours before pick-up.
  • You must call 217-359-5565 ext. 0 if:
    • You are needing items sooner than 24 hours or during our off season (December 25 – July 19).
    • You want to order 5+ dozen donuts or 4+ pies (prepayment will be required).
    • You want to pick-up before 9 am Mon-Sat or before 11 am Sun, or 6 pm & later (any day).
  • Orders not picked-up within 24 hours of the specified pick-up date will be released unless you call beforehand to let us know.
  • We will contact you to confirm all orders beforehand. Please contact us at 217-359-5565 ext. 0 right away if you do not receive order confirmation.
  • Prepayment will be required for any orders of 5+ dozen donuts or 4+ pies/cobblers.
  • We are unable to ship bakery products at this time.