YELLOW BRICK ROAD PARTY  –  Available July 25 – November 1

  • 90-minute time slots available at 11 am / 1 pm / 3 pm
  • Includes covered, outside area set aside from public, including five picnic tables. We encourage groups to bring their own tablecloths, cups, plates, forks, etc. Party area will accommodate up to 35 people.

$40.  For groups of more than 35, consider side-by-side party areas for $70.

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EMERALD CITY PARTY  –  Available August 29 – November 1

Includes everything from the Yellow Brick Road Party, plus:

  • Play-all-day wristband ($25 value) for 10 guests.
  • What’s the play-all-day wristband include?
    • Two pony rides (10 token value)
    • Five rounds at the Wicked Orchard Shoot-Out (5 token value)
    • Unlimited times on giant slide & obstacle course (1 token value per ride)
    • Unlimited times thru corn maze (5 token value)
    • Unlimited Putt ‘n Play (2 token value)
    • Unlimited wagon rides (2 token value)

$215.  $20 for each additional guest that wants a play-all-day wristband. 

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GREAT OZ PARTY  –  Available August 29 – November 1

Includes everything from the Emerald City Party, plus:

  • A meal for 10 guests
  • What’s the meal include?
    • Hot dog or PBJ (choose one)
    • Homemade applesauce
    • Souvenir apple sipper cup with 8 oz. cider
    • Chips
    • Spoons, napkins, condiments

Meals will be brought to the area within 30 minutes of your party’s start time.

$260.  $25 for each additional guest that wants a meal. 

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Regardless of the party package, this optional adult food package includes:

  • One meal for six guests, brought to the party area within 30 minutes of the party’s start time

The following food options must be chosen for every guest.

  • Choose one sandwich: chicken salad / Italian beef / pulled-pork BBQ
  • Choose two sides: applesauce / mac & cheese / chips / green beans
  • Choose one drink: cider / soda / tea / water

$72.  $12 for each additional guest that wants an adult meal.

Party Notes

– Guests are not allowed to set up parties in the café or at the picnic tables outside.  Parties must be booked online, in advance.

– There is one indoor space available in the event of inclement weather and goes to whoever requests it first for each time slot. *All other groups may either reschedule their party or ask for a refund. Refunds are not allowed after the scheduled party time begins.*

– Groups may come to set up as early as 30 minutes prior to the reserved time slot. Non-Curtis Orchard food & drink is not allowed. *Exceptions: Cake / ice cream / coolers of water*

– Groups must clean their party areas after use so it’s ready for the next group. Groups that don’t comply will not be allowed future use.

– A $40 deposit is required for each party area rented. This will be applied to the party cost.